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Now almost 30 years since the opening of the first phase of the road, E-470 is a mature facility entering into its second phase. Through a master planning process, E-470 is able to identify, prioritize and guide capital rehabilitation and expansion needs for the facility.

About one third of every E-470 toll dollar goes toward capital projects like road widening, replacing pavement and other improvements to keep the road safe, reliable and clear.

E-470 Road Widening Projects

E-470’s latest road widening added a third lane to the road in each direction between Quincy Ave. and I-70. This project allows E-470 to ensure a safe and reliable commute for our customers by improving mobility and accommodating projected growth to maintain a free-flow of traffic in the coming years.

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E-470 Master Plan

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Driving E-470

E-470 is one of the first U.S. tolling authorities to transition to an all-electronic tolling system.

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