Constantly Improving Your Journey

Now almost 30 years since the opening of the first phase of the road, E-470 is a mature facility entering into its second phase. Through a master planning process, E-470 is able to identify, prioritize and guide capital rehabilitation and expansion needs for the facility.

About one third of every E-470 toll dollar goes toward capital projects like road widening, replacing pavement and other improvements to keep the road safe, reliable and clear.

E-470 Road Widening Project

E-470’s latest road widening added a third lane to the road in each direction between Quincy Ave. and I-70. This project allows E-470 to ensure a safe and reliable commute for our customers by improving mobility and accommodating projected growth to maintain a free-flow of traffic in the coming years.

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Solar Project

In 2012, E-470 kicked off an initiative to use and provide sustainable energy in our operations. This project is unique, and likely the most extensive initiative of its kind in the U.S. toll road industry.

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Electric Vehicle Project

In 2017, we celebrated the unveiling of a green energy initiative. E-470 offers two Chargepoint “DC Fast Charge” electric vehicle (EV) charging units free of cost to the public! EV drivers with a DC fast charge port can now “juice up” on their drive to DIA.

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E-470 Master Plan

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Driving E-470

E-470 is one of the first U.S. tolling authorities to transition to an all-electronic tolling system.

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