Solar Energy Production and Electric Vehicle Project

By replacing the generation of electricity with solar energy, E-470’s efforts alone will stop the production of 24,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions over the 20-year life of the program and reduce Colorado’s reliance on non-renewable, carbon-based fuels. We began the E-470 Solar Project in 2012 with the goal of eliminating the need for imported oil to be used in the conventional generation of electricity. In 2017, we launched our newest green initiative with our Electric Vehicle Project. At E-470, we’re demonstrating our commitment to sustainability and providing green options to customers, employees and our community.

Solar panels at 56th Ave.

The E-470 Solar Project is the result of a solar power purchase agreement that allowed the solar array to be installed in 2012 and continually maintained by New York-based Adamas Energy Investments, LLC. While the E-470 Solar Project is certainly improving our sustainability efforts currently, it is an element of E-470’s long-term commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability.

Since January of 2019, we have produced enough solar energy to cancel out 2,613,000 vehicle miles traveled. 9.2 million kWh of solar energy has an impact equivalent to the amount of carbon sequestered by 107,558 tree seedlings grown for 10 years. Our very own Headquarters Building is the 3rd highest producer of solar energy on the road. The highest producing areas are the arrays at the 6th Pkwy./Stephen D. Hogan Pkwy. and Colfax Ave. ramps.

Solar Project By the Numbers


solar arrays


years energy production


total kWh solar energy produced


buildings with solar arrays


ramps with solar arrays

E-470’s Electric Vehicle Project

E-470 offers two Chargepoint “DC Fast Charge” electric vehicle (EV) charging units free of cost to the public. EV drivers with a DC fast charge port can now “juice up” on their drive to DIA. Sign up with ChargePoint and start charging your EV today!

These fast charging stations offer two types of plug-ins: CHAdeMO and SAE combo cords. Most fast chargers deliver an 80% charge in approximately 30 minutes.

The EV charging units are located at the E-470 headquarters building at 22470 E. Stephen D. Hogan Parkway in Aurora, Colorado, directly in front of the ExpressToll Service Center walk-up entrance in the northwest corner of the parking lot. The units are part of the ChargePoint network, which gives customers access to charging station details in mobile apps, online and in-navigation systems.

Click here to view the customer policies and procedures related to use of E-470’s EV charging units.

Who Can Use It?

Electric vehicles outfitted with a DC fast charge port can utilize these charging units. including: BMW i3; Chevy Bolt EV; Chevy Spark EV; Kia Soul EV; Mitsubishi i-Mi EV; Nissan LEAF; Volkswagen eGolf; Tesla (requires a CHAdeMO adapter; please note you may need to adjust the amps down to a lower level in your vehicle’s settings in order for the unit to charge your vehicle).

Electric Vehicle Wired Workplace

These EV charging units represent some of the sustainable practices E-470 pursued in order to become designated as a Wired Workplace by Charge Ahead Colorado. Charge Ahead Colorado partially funded these two charging units with a $16,000 grant. E-470 provided an additional $65,000.

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