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How It Works

ExpressToll is an all-electronic toll collection system available on E-470, Northwest Parkway and CDOT’s Express Lanes on I-25, I-70, US36, and C-470. ExpressToll customers register their vehicle and payment information in an online account, and they receive a free, windshield-mounted transponder to install in their vehicle. When passing through a tolling point, the transponder is scanned and the toll is automatically billed from the prepaid account balance.

ExpressToll accounts can accommodate multiple vehicles within a household or business. In addition, customers save more than 35% on E-470 tolls over License Plate Toll customers.

An ExpressToll account requires an initial deposit of $35 (check or credit card accepted) in pre-paid tolls. Once you drive the road, your tolls are automatically deducted from your account. When your account balance runs below your threshold, your credit card will automatically be charged to bring your balance back up to $35.

How to Mount Your Transponder

Click here to view installation instructions for a vehicle or motorcycle, as well as switchable HOV transponder installation instructions. Motorcycles ride in the C-470, US36, Central 70, and I-25 Express Lanes for free. Motorcycles cannot ride for free in the east or westbound I-70 Mountain Express Lanes.

Benefits of ExpressToll

ExpressToll customers save more than 35% on E-470 and pay the lowest rate on all Colorado toll roads! Customers enjoy easy access to online account management and payments, and can choose to receive email instead of paper statements. It is important to make sure your address, credit card, and vehicle information is always current on your ExpressToll account.

ExpressToll Rewards

ExpressToll Rewards enable you to receive exclusive deals and discounts at Colorado-based businesses. To access, log into your account and then find ExpressToll Rewards on the left side of the page.

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ExpressToll Customer User Agreement

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Where Can I Use My Transponder?

View a maps of all Colorado tolling facilities.

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