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License Plate Toll

How It Works

You are automatically a License Plate Toll customer on E-470 if you are not an ExpressToll customer. Customers drive non-stop through all tolling points and are billed later. When you drive through a tolling point, cameras will photograph your license plate, and a statement will be sent in the mail to the DMV-registered owner of the vehicle.

Cameras will photograph the front and rear license plates of your vehicle when it passes through a toll point, and a statement will be sent to the vehicle owner’s address on file with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Drivers are required to update their vehicle registration when they move; Colorado law requires the update within 30 days. Updating their driver’s license address does not update the required vehicle registration information.

Ways to Pay


Pay Your Tolls

License Plate Toll customers can pay their toll bill online. Make a payment now.

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Open an ExpressToll Account and Save

Did you know that ExpressToll customers save more than 35% on tolls? Why pay more? Sign up for an ExpressToll account today to save money and take advantage of other customer benefits.

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License Plate Toll Billing Process

The operational cost to track and bill License Plate Toll customers is significantly higher than it is for ExpressToll customers. Therefore, the toll rates for a License Plate Toll customer are higher than rates for ExpressToll customers. Click here to open an ExpressToll account today and pay the reduced toll rate.

Online Account Management

An LPT customer may set up an account online to manage their vehicle and personal information and pay tolls before statements are generated.  From the home page, click on “Create Account” on the right side of the screen to set up your account.  LPT customers can then update their account information online, choose to receive monthly LPT statements via email, deposit pre-paid tolls of any amount to their account, leave a credit card on file for the convenience of making payments or permit E-470 to debit the card for the amount owed when the monthly statement is due, and pay for individual tolls incurred prior to a statement being generated.

Billing Questions or Concerns?

For billing questions or concerns, contact the ExpressToll Service Center.​

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