Construction and Access Permits

For construction, access or any type of improvement on, in, under or over the E-470 right-of-way, multi-use easement, utility corridor and or property-owned requires a permit from the E-470 Public Highway Authority.

The E-470 Permit process is based on the E-470 Public Highway Authority Permit Manual. Any type of access or construction is performed in accordance with this manual.

Some types of work requiring a permit include:

  • Access for survey
  • Geo-technical boring
  • Movement of dirt, fence, sign, etc.
  • Installation of a utility
  • Maintenance of existing utility

Permit Application

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Permit Manual

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Standard Provisions for Permit Operator

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Payment and Performance Bond

Access Bond

E-470 Oversize/Overweight Permit Application

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E-470 Permitting Process

Please submit the location of your proposed work so it can be determined if it is within E-470 Right-of-Way (ROW), Multi-Use Easement (MUE), or remnant/fee (E-470 Property). Include a letter of intent or scope of work, how you intend to access the work area, and a schedule to complete the work.

In the table below are links for the E470 Permit Application /Standard Provisions for Permit Operator (SPPO), Permit Manual and Payment and Performance Bond.

The E-470 Permit Manual is the essential document for providing direction and standards for access or construction on E-470’s property, right-of-way, and multi-use easement (MUE). The manual defines the types of E-470 permits (e.g., Access, Construction and Permit to Occupy). A “Construction Permit-Permit to Occupy” is for permit facility install.

If you have engineering design plans for the proposed work (20% to 100%) you can submit the data in advance of the actual permit process and E-470 will begin the review process. This review process does not allow any type of work within E-470’s ROW/MUE. What it does allow is E-470’s advance assessment of the potential construction and advise the prospective applicant/permittee of the requirements within the right-of-way and or multi-use easement. When it is time to issue the permit this phase will already be addressed.

Required Items to Process E-470 Permits

Requirements may vary dependent on scope of work; requirements may be adjusted dependent on proposed work.

  1. Competed Permit Application
  2. Letter of Request from applicant and or permittee applying for an E-470 permit on letterhead (submitted on Permit Application form) that fully describes the nature of the proposed work/a scope of work (survey and construction). More detail provided the quicker turn around please include access, method, equipment, timeline of proposed work.
  3. Engineering Design Plans or Construction Drawings, Project Specifications (submitted on Permit Application form).
  4. Pavement Surface Deflection Monitoring and Specifications (submitted on Permit Application form).
  5. Insurance certificate naming E-470 Public Highway Authority as the Certificate Holder and satisfying the minimum coverage and requirements as listed under items 6(b) and 6(b)(v) on page 6 of the Standard Provisions for Permit Operator (SPPO) (PDF page 5 of 17) (for Contractor / Subcontractors).
  6. Details of proposed work and location on an E-470 as-built(s)/aerial (submitted on Permit Application form).
  7. Permit Administrative Fee: $150 for Access Permit (surveying); $750 for Construction Permit (Administrative fee(s) not to exceed $750).
  8. Permit Fee is $75,000/ Acre; this is determined by the area of the disturbance (utility/facility). (Sample Permit fee calculation: (1 ft X 15 ft / 43560 X $75,000 per acre = $25.83)), as listed under item 5 on page 5 of the Standard Provisions for Permit Operator (SPPO) (PDF page 5 of 17).
  9. Payment and Performance Bond for the cost of work within E-470 ROW/MUE/Property; as listed under item 8 on page 8 of the Standard Provisions for Permit Operator (SPPO) (PDF page 8 of 17).
  10. Traffic Control Plan (TCP)/Method of Handling Traffic (MHT) if 30’ within edge of pavement; affecting traffic; work done within E-470 Standards (submitted on Permit Application form).
  11. Schedule Surveying, Construction, Bid, Award, NTP, etc. (submitted on Permit Application form).
  12. Emergency contact list (submitted on Permit Application form).
  13. As-builts satisfying the minimum coverage and requirements as listed in the Permit Manual under item 8.01 on page 41. Also found in the Standard Provisions for Permit Operator (SPPO) – acknowledgement that as-builts need to be provided and by whom.

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Colorado Discharge Permit System Stormwater Management Program

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that discharges from regulated small municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) must be covered under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program (note: the Colorado program is referred to as the Colorado Discharge Permit System, or CDPS, instead of NPDES). The Water Quality Control Division has stormwater regulations (5 CCR 1002-61) in place that meet the requirements of the EPA.

The E-470 Public Highway Authority was issued a permit in March 2008 by the Water Quality Control Division for Non-Standard Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) for the Cherry Creek Reservoir drainage basin. E-470’s limit is from Jamaica Street (near I-25 south) to Smoky Hill Rd.

The primary function of storm sewer systems, including natural channels, is the collection, conveyance and storage of stormwater runoff. In a watershed-based approach to urban stormwater management, the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4), including both structural (e.g., pipes, inlets and outlets) and natural drainage ways, are important components.

To comply with the MS4 permit E-470 prohibits any dumping or discharge of any substance in violation of any state or federal law or regulation, or that is in violation of the Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination program.

Call (303) 537-3409 to report dumping of an illicit discharge.

Click here to view the E-470 MS4 permit.

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