Construction and Access Permits
For construction, access, or any type of improvement on, in, under or over the E-470 right-of-way, multi-use easement, utility corridor and or property-owned requires a permit from the E-470 Public Highway Authority.
The E-470 Permit process is based on the E-470 Public Highway Authority Permit Manual.  Any type of access or construction is performed in accordance with this manual.

Some types of work requiring a permit:
  • Access for survey
  • Geo-technical boring
  • Movement of dirt, fence, sign, etcetera
  • Installation of a utility
  • Maintenance of existing utility
Permit Forms
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          Permit Process
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Colorado Discharge Permit System (CDPS)
Stormwater Management Program
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that discharges from regulated small municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4s) must be covered under the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) program. (Note: The Colorado program is referred to as the Colorado Discharge Permit System, or CDPS, instead of NPDES). The Water Quality Control Division (“the Division”) has stormwater regulations (5 CCR 1002-61) in place that meet the requirements of the EPA.
The E-470 Public Highway Authority was issued a permit in March 2008 by the Division for Non-Standard Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4s) for the Cherry Creek Reservoir drainage basin. E-470’s limit is from Jamaica Street (near I-25 south) to Smoky Hill Road.
The primary function of storm sewer systems, including natural channels, is the collection, conveyance and storage of stormwater runoff. In a watershed-based approach to urban stormwater management, the municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4), including both structural (e.g., pipes, inlets and outlets) and natural drainage ways, are important components.
To comply with the MS4 permit E-470 prohibits any dumping or discharge of any substance in violation of any state or federal law or regulation, or that is in violation of the Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination program.
Call (303) 537-3409 to report dumping of an illicit discharge.
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