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The E-470 Public Highway Authority strives to provide an environment where all staff understand the impact their contributions have on the achievement of company goals and are provided the opportunity for ongoing personal growth.

Open Positions

Tolling Services Manager

The Tolling Services Manager is responsible for tactical management and the day-to-day operations in support of all tolling services efforts. This position will ensure compliance with all contract requirements, rules and regulations governing Tolling Services Agreements and task orders. Responsible for evaluating, developing and implementing operations techniques that will generate higher productivity within the tolling services area of the business and will continually investigate and introduce process improvement measures. Will serve as the primary point of contact and relationship manager for all items related to the provision of tolling services including coordination and management of activities regarding installation projects, back-office integration projects, customer service-related tolling services items and public outreach and communications concerning tolling services.

Duties and Functions:
• Oversee efforts and activities in regards to the tolling services provided to external agencies. This includes attending all tolling services related meetings, reading applicable documentation and maintaining relationships with key personnel to ensure knowledge of the Authority’s back-office functions, system development, system integration and software development projects, and cost recovery efforts (in coordination with the finance department.)
• Manage the following areas for tolling services: project management, contract/TSA negotiation/administration, develop scope of work for project requests, managing contract resources, and coordinating with the finance department on cost recovery and billing efforts.
• Serve as the key contact and relationship manager for external agencies and any other future entities contracting or contemplating contracting with the Authority for tolling services.
• Report information to senior management and discuss strategies for future activities and improvements including certain components of decision making in relation to the tolling services provided by the Authority.
• Coordinate and inform other Authority directors and managers and key business partners (vendors) on tolling services activities on an ongoing basis. This may include resolving concerns and explaining issues to directors and managers as well as tolling services partners to ensure questions and issues get resolved in relation to tolling services provided.
• Represent the Authority at external agency or coalition key meetings on a regular basis including board meetings, special meetings, regular update or coordination meetings and gather information relevant to the Authority’s tolling services provided.
• Manage and run the recurring coordination meeting as required in the tolling services agreements with external agencies. Coordinate and distribute information and materials for months where TSA coordination meetings are not held in person. Manage disputed matters with services provided to tolling services partners.
• Assist the Executive Director/legal counsel in coordination with senior management to develop and coordinate legal document negotiations and execution of various types with external agencies (task orders, tolling services agreements, intergovernmental agreements, etc.)
• Assist the organization in implementing improvements to business processes that impact tolling services to external agencies. Evaluate proposals for improvement made by business and external parties to tolling services being provided.
• Present updates or pending contractual agreements to the Authority’s board of directors for tolling services provided.
• Facilitate and help manage key internal staff for various projects and topics as they arise to ensure we provide accurate and timely information or project status/completion to our external business partners.
• Manage specific projects from a high level to ensure all key players are informed and working towards the goal/completion.
• Coordinate and assist the finance department with any financial matters of the TSA (e.g. cost model, billings, reports, etc.).
• Oversee and coordinate with other key decisions makers on project intake requests, operational requirements documents and related FRD development and evaluations for services requested for tolling services.

• Bachelor’s degree in Business or Public Administration, Finance, Engineering, or a closely related field.
• 7+ years manager-level leadership and management experience.
• 7+ years operational experience.

Compensation and Benefits:
The E-470 Public Highway Authority is offering a competitive salary range of $110,000-130,000 commensurate with experience and a comprehensive benefits package.

Executive Department – Project Manager

The Project Manager is responsible for planning and managing the delivery of Authority projects in support of the Authority’s strategic and operational objectives. The Project Manager (PM) will work directly with others to ensure deliverables fall within the applicable scope and budget. The PM will coordinate with other departments to ensure all aspects of each project are compatible. Serves as an expert in coordinating project proposals, assembling project teams, project definition, assigning and tracking individual responsibilities and project resources, risk identification, project schedule development, setting deadlines, monitoring/managing expenses to ensure coordination and timely completion of assigned projects and all other aspects of project management including reporting and tracking. Develops and mentors other Project Managers and other team members.


  • Applies project management skills on projects or tasks, including understanding and communicating milestones, timelines, and project decisions
  • Provisions the timely documentation of clear project scope [i.e. detailed assumptions, requirements (internal, external, regulatory), objectives/targets, validation needs, resource estimates, costs, and timing]
  • Leads effective and efficient team meetings, ensures team members/stakeholders are appropriately informed, and communicates project tradeoffs and decisions to ensure forward moving progress of the project
  • Supports creation and maintenance of timelines and milestone tracking
  • Applies project metrics and risk management principles to identify and mitigate potential schedule impacting items
  • Drives the overall progress of assigned projects towards completion, using good judgment in determining when to escalate issues to management
  • Leverages understanding of product domain to support concept/new feature development efforts
  • Ensures accurate project reporting and consistently provides clear and accurate project documentation
  • Develops good relationships between the teams/departments and external entities (and identifies/resolves possible conflicts
  • Collaborates and participates in design reviews by providing input, feedback, and process improvement suggestions
  • Provides reliable solutions to a variety of problems using sound problem-solving techniques including support of root cause and corrective actions for given problems
  • Demonstrates full use of accepted standards, procedures, tools and requirements as they relate to project management and product segment
  • Develops and maintains a detailed project budget, product costs, staffing plan, and change request register
  • Complies with the E-470 Enterprise Program Management Office (ePMO) processes and procedures.


  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field: Project Management, Business, Engineering, Construction Management, Management or other appropriate field of study or equivalent work experience.
  • Project Management Professional (PMP) certification through the Project Management Institute
  •  7+ years’ Project Management experience.

Compensation and Benefits:
The E-470 Public Highway Authority is offering a competitive salary range of $110,000-125,000 commensurate with experience and a comprehensive benefits package.

E-470 Public Highway Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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