How Does It Work?
ExpressToll is the all-electronic toll collection system available on E-470, Northwest Parkway, and the I-25 Express Lanes. With a free windshield or motorcycle-mounted sticker tag or transponder, customers' tolls are automatically deducted from a pre-paid toll account.

ExpressToll accounts can accommodate multiple vehicles within a household or business. In addition, customers with an ExpressToll account save in tolls over License Plate Toll Customers! An ExpressToll account requires an initial deposit of $35 (check or credit card accepted) in pre-paid tolls. Once you drive the road, your tolls are automatically deducted from your account. When your account balance runs below your threshold, your credit card will automatically be charged to get your balance back to $35. If you are a check paying customer, you will be invoiced for the amount to replenish your account.

Proper Sticker Tag and Transponder Mounting Instructions
Click here to watch the sticker tag installation video.

Click here to view the sticker tag installation instructions for a vehicle or motorcycle, as well as switchable HOV transponder installation instructions. 
E-470 Board of Directors Toll Rate Schedule Resolution
*Click here for the Resolution of the Board of Directors regarding the
adoption of a toll rate schedule.
Ways to Open an ExpressToll Account  
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