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Businesses that provide gas, food and lodging are eligible for participation in E-470’s blue sign program.

There is specific criteria each type of business must meet to be eligible to participate in the Specific Information and Business Logo Sign Program. The information below will help you to determine if your business is eligible. Each category of business must provide, at a minimum, the following:

Maximum distance of serviceWithin 1 mile of E-470Within 1 mile of E-470Within 1 mile of E-470
Minimum period of operation Subject to the availability of fuel there should be a continuous operation at least 16 hours her day, 7 days per week12 continuous hours of operation between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., 6 days per weekAvailable for rental on a nightly basis, 7 days per week
Required service to be provided and other requirementsProvide vehicle services including fuel and oilFederal, state and local licensing approval, where requiredLodging accommodations composed of units with a private entrance for each unit to accommodate at least two persons per unit, with space for automobile parking; available rental on a nightly basis, 7 days per week

Federal, state and local licensing approval, where required

Click here for more information on the blue sign program, and click here for the E-470 Public Highway Authority amended and restated policies pertaining to Specific Information Signs.

Billboard, real estate, political, yard and other signs are prohibited in E-470 right-of-way and multi-use easements. For more information, call 303-537-3747 or email us.

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