How E-470 Works

E-470 is one of the first U.S. tolling authorities to transition to an all-electronic tolling system. This sophisticated camera technology system reads sticker tags and licen​se plates on passenger, rental and oversized vehicles at highway speeds. E-470 no longer houses cash collection toll booths or coin baskets.

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Passenger Vehicles
Passenger vehicles include cars, trucks, vans, semi's, trailers, and motorcycles. Click here to learn more about travelling on E-470 with a passenger vehicle. 

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Rental Cars
Major rental car companies apply renters’ tolls to the car rental agreement. However, customers can apply rental vehicle tolls to their account. Click here to learn more about travelling on E-470 with a rental car.

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Extra-Legal Vehicle or Load
A commercial vehicle or load meeting CDOT's definition of Extra-Legal must obtain an Oversize/Overweight Permit issued by E-470 Public Highway Authority. Click here for more information.

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License Plate Toll Billing Process
If a customer does not have an ExpressToll account, E-470 sends a License Plate Toll statement. Click here to learn more about the billing process.