E-470 is committed to following guidance set by the CDC and CDPHE in helping to slow and prevent the spread of COVID-19. At this time, the road widening project taking place on E-470 from Quincy Avenue to I-70 is continuing, with strict safety measures to protect construction teams and the public.

As part of these measures, a dedicated task force has been set up to ensure project teams are adhering to the latest guidance set by public health officials. Any previously-scheduled indoor meetings have been cancelled or are now being held virtually. Crews are practicing social distancing in the course of their work and all small group meetings taking place outside are being held to maintain social distancing.

E-470 and its sub-contractors will continue to follow this guidance and are ready to adjust to any new safety measures.


Traffic Realignment and Lane Closures

As part of the E-470 Road Widening Project, southbound E-470 will be fully closed at Smith Road on August 2 and 9 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. During this closure, traffic will be detoured off southbound E-470 through the I-70 interchange to reenter E-470. Drivers should expect delays and follow posted detour routes.

Every weekend from Saturday at 6 a.m. to Sunday at 9 p.m., there will be  single lane closures for two miles on southbound E-470 between 6th Parkway/Stephen D. Hogan Parkway and Quincy Ave. These closures will continue through the Summer and into Fall as crews work on the asphalt paving for the third lane expansion of the roadway. Please be advised the shoulder will be closed in this two mile work zone. Drivers should exercise caution when travelling through the area and adhere to sign posted speed limits. 

I-70 Bridge Work

In August traffic will be shifted on the E-470 bridges over I-70 as crews work to replace the existing expansion joints on the roadway. This work will take place during the weekends to minimize disruptions, and those traveling through the area should expect some delays. 

All future work is weather dependentFor up-to-date closure information, stay tuned on our E-470 Facebook or Twitter page.


E-470 Bridges

In July, crews continued to work on the railings and approach slabs for the E-470 bridges over I-70. Next steps for these bridges include painting and waterproofing the deck surfaces. Crews will also move on to waterproofing the bridge decks, having just completed painting the new surfaces. 

New E-470 Ramps

Grading and underground work took place in July for the new on and off ramps for E-470 at Quincy Ave. and Gun Club Rd. Crews will move on to the ramp subgrade and asphalt paving in August, with the aim to have these ramps open by late fall. 

Asphalt Paving

In July crews completed final asphalt surfacing from 6th Pkwy./Stephen D. Hogan Pkwy. to Quincy Ave. on southbound E-470. Lane closures took place on the roadway to help facilitate this work, and crews will move onto surfacing the third lane expansion on northbound E-470 from Quincy to 6th Pkwy./Stephen D. Hogan Pkwy.

High Plains Trail

Significant progress was made in July on the High Plains Trail as crews completed paving four out of six miles of the 10-foot wide trail. This work will be followed by concrete pours to help tie together long stretches of paving that have already been set. 

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High Plains Trail Fact Sheet Story Map of Area Projects
Project FAQs Stephen D. Hogan Parkway
Project Fact Sheet Quincy Avenue / Gun Club Road Intersection Improvements
Overall Project Map​I-70 / Picadilly Interchange
Project Schedule​​​I-70 / Airpark-Watkins Interchange Study
Typical Road Section Layout
Typical Road Workzone Layout
Existing Toll Plaza B - Northbound
Proposed Toll Plaza B - Northbound
Pedestrian Bridge - North of Quincy Avenue
​​Pedestrian Underpass - Jewell Avenue
Quincy Northbound Ramps Relocation


E-470 begins construction this summer 2019 to add a third lane to the road in each direction between Quincy Avenue and I-70. E-470's 2014 full investment grade Traffic and Revenue Study indicated this eight-mile section of the road would need to be widened to maintain the level of service that our customers have come to expect and value. This current project is a continuation of the first phase of widening completed in 2017 between Parker Road and Quincy Avenue. Together, these projects allow E-470 to ensure a safe and reliable commute for our customers, improving mobility and accommodating projected growth to maintain a free-flow of traffic in the coming years. Project elements include:

  • Adding a third lane in each direction on E-470 between Quincy Avenue and I-70 (8 miles), and from Ramp B (from I-70 to southbound E-470) to the Smith Road/UPRR crossing.
  • Widening 14 northbound and southbound bridge structures at 7 bridge locations at (1) Coal Creek, (2) Ramp B, (3) Colfax Avenue, (4) I-70, (5) 19th Avenue, (6) Ramp E (from southbound E-470 to I-70), and (7) Smith Road/UPRR. 
Ramp Relocation
  • Relocating the northbound E-470 on- and off-ramps at Quincy Avenue.
Trail Extension
  • Extending High Plains Trail from Quincy Avenue to the new Stephen D. Hogan Parkway (6 miles).
Construction Improvement
  • Grading and drainage for a future fourth lane in each direction on E-470 from Quincy Avenue to Ramp B, and improving shoulders.
  • Building new wildlife deer fencing and game ramps.
  • Adding new overlay to existing pavement.

The E-470 Road Widening Project costs approximately $99 million and is funded through toll revenue; there are no local, state or federal funds being used. The northbound E-470 ramp relocations at Quincy Avenue are jointly funded by Arapahoe County, the South Aurora Regional Improvement Authority, and E-470. Construction is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2020.

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