Tolls vs. Taxes

Have you ever wondered what happens to your tolls once they are collected?

Have you thought, “My tax dollars paid for that road, why do I have to pay tolls?” The E-470 Public Highway Authority receives no state or federal funding. Your tax dollars do not support E-470, but your toll dollars do. The operation and improvement of the road is funded entirely through toll revenue. Tolls are the largest source of revenue, which is applied toward bond payments, in addition to the operating and maintenance costs of the road.

We set aside $0.05 of every toll dollar to prepare for future programs and road enhancements. We improve your journey today and tomorrow!

Your Toll Dollars at Work on E-470

E-470 is proud of the service we provide to our customers as we continually work to improve their journey on E-470. As you make your trip on our local road, we want you to know more about how your toll dollars are spent.


Debt Service Payments

The largest portion of your toll dollar, $0.40, goes toward paying down debt. In 2020, E-470 had a debt obligation of $111 million.


Operating and Maintenance Expenditures

Nearly a quarter of your toll dollar goes to road operation and maintenance. This includes things like 24/7 roadside assistance for E-470 customers, snow plow operations and customer support.


Capital Renewal and Replacement Expenditures

About one third of every dollar goes to capital projects like road widening, replacing pavement and other needed improvements to keep the road safe, reliable and clear for your journey.


Future Programs

As we work hard to improve your journey on E-470 today, we believe it is also important to improve your journey tomorrow. Therefore, we set aside $0.05 of every toll dollar to prepare for future programs and road enhancements.

Your tolls stay in Colorado and are invested in the region. Gas taxes, vehicle registration fees and other taxes do not support E-470. E-470 receives no state or federal funding to maintain or operate E-470.

What happens when E-470’s bonds are paid off? Tolls maintain the road after bonds are paid off, similar to ongoing maintenance of a vehicle.

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