Jessica Carson

Senior staff member Jessica Carson

Director of Public Affairs

Jessica Carson began her career with E-470 in 2007 as the Operations Coordinator, and is now the Director of Public Affairs. In her current role with the Authority, Carson leads the communications team, which is responsible for board relations, government affairs, staff engagement, email marketing efforts, media buys, traditional and digital advertising content, the social media presence, public relations, community relations, customer correspondence, and much more.

Carson has a double major from the University of Iowa in Journalism/Mass Communication and Psychology, and a minor in English. In addition, she obtained her MBA from the University of Colorado's Leeds School of Business in 2017. She utilizes this eclectic background to lead her team to obtain its strategic objectives.

Carson says her career goal is to be considered an innovative leader within the business community. Carson has encountered many exceptional leaders throughout her career and hopes to become an individual that inspires others to be great. Leadership is a skill that takes time and discipline to acquire and she feels her work at E-470 and involvement within the transportation industry will help her reach that goal.